IDF World Dairy Summit 2011 – Summilk in Parma
    Italy is waiting for you

    Richard Doyle The theme “sustainable food security” of this year’s summit will explore how science and technology can contribute to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible dairy production.

    Our collaboration with FAO to assess more accurately the level of greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy industry was a major accomplishment in 2010. Building on this, this year IDF World Dairy Summit illustrates our outstanding collaboration in a series of five joint IDF/FAO conferences in key areas of sustainable dairy production. And, I am sure that, with the leadership role of IDF and thanks to innovative presentations of pioneering work in innovative analytical strategies, novel technologies for sustainable dairy products, animal feeding strategies, prudent use of antimicrobial agents, this Summit will be a foremost platform for sharing and disseminating, increasing efficiency, maximizing value and cutting-edge thinking for all dairy stakeholders.

    The IDF World Dairy Summit will also provide ample opportunity for networking, interactive discussions and one-on one interviews with food security and sustainability experts and scientists.

    Richard Doyle
    IDF President

    Cesare CorradiniOn behalf of the Italian National Committee FIL-IDF, I’m honored to give our warmest welcome to all International professionals involved in milk and dairy industry who will attend the IDF World Dairy Summit 2011 – Summilk in Parma.

    After 55 years, this important event comes back to Italy with a very urgent and pressing goal: gathering dairy experts from all over the world to give their contribution to a “Sustainable Food Security”.

    Summilk will give you the opportunity to be main actors in production, sustainability, science and technology, environment, food safety, policies and economics, marketing, nutrition and health across the dairy sector.

    See you in Parma.

    Cesare Corradini
    President of the Italian National Committee FIL-IDF

    Welcome by the President of Fiere di Parma – Organizing Secretariat

    Franco Boni We are very proud to welcome the 2011 World Dairy Summit organized in collaboration with the International Dairy Federation.

    The conference will offer professional sessions to present and debate latest progress, results, up-coming solutions and trends with regard to dairy policies and economics, nutrition, health and welfare, milk production and farm management , environment, dairy science and technology, food safety and many other topical fields of interest.

    During Summilk 2011, our guests will have the opportunity to visit Cibus Tec, the international exhibition on food processing and packaging technologies and at the same time assist to world famous opera during the International Giuseppe Verdi Festival.

    Franco Boni


    Fiere di Parma